From The New York Times to the Today Show, Perini Ranch has captured the hearts of authentic Texas food and culture enthusiasts across the globe.

The Best Little Steakhouse in Texas Turns Forty

First-time visitors to the Perini Ranch Steakhouse are easy to spot. They’re the ones standing beside their cars in a gravel lot filled with giant pickups peering around and muttering under their breath (read more...)

At home on the ranch

At 640 acres, the Perini Ranch in Buffalo Gap is a modest plot by texas standards, where ranches can often spread to more than 200,000 acres, but for Tom Peirni, it’s been home since 1952, Surrounded by a 300-foot basin, there is indeed, a gap through which millions of buffalo once traversed to reach the high plains in the (read more...)


Holidays in Texas with famed steak maestros Tom and Lisa Perini call for a cracking fire, some roasted Prime Rib, and plenty of bubbly (read more...)


He may no longer see the point of standing in front of a grill once he’s tasted this magnificent beef tenderloin. Perini Ranch Steakhouse, honored as an America’s Classic by the James Beard Fondation, is a Texas Icon, and you can order their signature dish, which comes perfectly cooked and ready to serve after thawing. (read more...)

Memories of a Texas-Size Thanksgiving

We photographed Tom Perini’s annual family gathering in 2019, long before social distancing was a thing. Think of this story as a reason to be grateful for the past and hopeful for the future. (read more...)

One of the Best Steakhouses in Texas

Tom and Lisa Perini don’t just make good food — they’re good people. In fact, they’re people who’ve been a part of my life for many years, though they didn’t know that when I met them last year in New York City. (read more...)

Weekend Getaway: Perini Ranch Part 1

Take a road trip west to Buffalo Gap, TX! Visit Perini Ranch Steakhouse and enjoy all the amazing food they have to offer. (read more...)

Weekend Getaway: Perini Ranch Part 2

Extend your weekend getaway at Perini Ranch by staying the night inside their renovated 1885 farmhouse. Don’t forget breakfast at The Gap... (read more...)

West Texas steakhouse serves up rustic weekend getaway

Though many are eager to travel again after the lockdown, a crowded destination is probably the last place to visit given COVID-19 safety concerns. On top of that, travelers may not be so enthusiastic about having to hop on a plane right now anyways. (read more...)

Recipes From Some of Your Favorite Texas Restaurants

Using five great Texas cookbooks, you can create a coursed meal that will take you across the state, from the comfort of your kitchen. (read more...)

Spice-Rubbed Beef Tenderloin

When you want luscious beef, but have limited time, or don't want to bother with the grill, this easy spice-rubbed tenderloin roast recipe from Tom Perini of James Beard Award-winning Perini Ranch Steakhouse is for you. (read more...)


Today we're excited to announce the recipients of one of our most popular awards: the America's Classics! This honor is given to regional establishments, often family-owned, that are treasured for their quality food, local character, and lasting appeal. (read more...)

The 50 Greatest Burgers in Texas

For generations,a burger was a burger was a burger: a crispy-edged brown beef patty perched on a squishy white store-bought bun snuggled up to some pink tomato slices, pale-green iceberg lettuce, dill pickles, raw onions, and a healthy swipe of yellow mustard (no ketchup, please—this is Texas). If you were lucky, the grease didn’t dissolve the tissue wrapper until you were halfway through.  (read more...)

Making Money the Makeshift Way At Small Mail-Order Food Houses

Jack Schmid, president of J. Schmid, a catalogue consulting firm in Kansas City, Kan., estimates that there are 700 to 800 food catalogue companies, roughly double the number five years ago (read more...)

Oprah's 2021 Favorite Things

For the second year in a row, Perini Ranch featured in Oprah's Favorite Things 2021 for Mesquite Smoked Peppered Beef Tenderloin (read more...)

Announcing Our New Book, ‘Being Texan’


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