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Start your meal with a bite-sized taste of Texas!

Quail Legs

Hearty Texas farm-raised quail legs, lighty breaded and fried.


Juicy and flavorful heritage pork from the Midwest.

Jalapeño Bites

Fresh jalapeños, stuffed with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon and cooked to crispy perfection. Served by the dozen. (Handmade with the help of Disability Resources, Inc.)


We proudly serve Certified Angus Beef © to achieve the highest level of quality and consistency. All of our steaks are aged to perfection and seasoned with Perini Ranch Steak Rub then grilled over live mesquite fire. Served with a ranch salad and homemade rolls.

Specialty Steaks

Only the top 3% of beef is elite enough to earn the brand's Prime label. Rich and robust flavor.
Bone-In Ribeye 22 ounce
Bone-In Strip 14 ounce


Tom’s choice. Well-marbled with lots of flavor
16 ounce


A center cut from the tenderloin. Lean and tender
8 ounce

Prime Rib

A whole ribeye roast, rubbed with our special seasoning and slowly pit-roasted over mesquite coals. Sliced and served with Perini’s horseradish sauce. Double cut portion is available. Limited Availability.
12 ounce

Peppered Strip

A center cut lean strip crusted with cracked peppercorns.
12 ounce

Hamburger Steak

Half-pound of 100% ground chuck, seasoned, hand patted and grilled. With cheddar or provolone cheese and topped with grilled mushrooms, green chiles and onions.

Great Additions

Add to any entrée or steak
Three Dusted Shrimp, Grilled Mushrooms and Onions, Chopped Blue Cheese Salad, Seasonal Salad, Blue Cheese Butter, Heritage Breed Pork Rib

Salads & Vegetables

We feature local produce when available.

Traditional Ranch Salad

Mixed lettuce with fresh mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and homemade buttermilk ranch dressing.

Chopped Blue Cheese Salad

Chopped lettuce with crispy bacon, blue cheese crumbles, tomato and creamy blue cheese dressing.

Green Chile Hominy

White hominy with bacon, green chiles, and cheddar cheese.

Zucchini Perini

Sliced zucchini rounds baked in an Italian meat sauce and topped with grated Parmesan cheese.

Old Fashioned Green Beans

Green beans the way you remember.

Cowboy Potatoes

Skin-on red potatoes, seasoned, and roasted with butter and garlic.

Grilled Asparagus



Served with a ranch salad, choice of vegetable, and sourdough bread with basil butter

Grilled Cajun Catfish

Three Mississippi farm-raised catfish filets basted in butter and lime juice, then tossed in Cajun seasoning. Grilled and spicy!

Mesquite Grilled Chicken Breast

Seasoned and grilled over glowing hot mesquite coals.

Rib Dinner

Four heritage pork ribs rubbed with our signature Rib Rub.

Fried Catfish

Three Mississippi farm-raised catfish filets rolled in seasoned cornmeal. Crisp, flaky and served with homemade chunky tartar sauce.

Dusted Shrimp

Eight large shrimp lightly dusted and fried to perfection.

Vegetable Plate

Any three vegetable dishes.


Build Your Own Burger

Half-pound of 100% ground chuck, seasoned, hand patted and grilled.

TODAY SHOW Award Winning Ranch Burger

Half-pound of 100% ground chuck, seasoned, hand patted and grilled.
With cheddar cheese and topped with grilled mushrooms, green chiles
and onions served with chips.

Great Additions

Grilled Mushrooms, Onions, Green Chiles, Jalapeños, Cheddar, Provolone, Blue Cheese, Bacon


Perini Ranch Bread Pudding

With Maker's Mark Whiskey Sauce. The secret is sourdough bread and pecans.

Texas Chocolate Cake

The Texas tradition with a touch of cinnamon and covered in chocolate pecan frosting. A chocolate lovers dream!

Strawberry Shortcake

Just like Tom’s great-grandmother made. Homemade sugar biscuits topped with warm strawberries. Heavy cream served on the side.

Jalapeño Cheesecake

Sweet cheesecake drizzled with savory jalapeño jelly. A great mix of flavors-sweet, spicy and rich!

Kids (10 and under)

Fried Catfish

One filet with vegetable.

Grilled Cheese

Served with chips. Add bacon.

Gus's Favorite Dessert

Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla


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